KL Maritime (M) Sdn Bhd, a market leader in bulk transportation and maritime-related businesses in Malaysia.

Formed in 1998, KL Maritime (M) Sdn. Bhd. is the brainchild of an experienced palm oil trader with a passion for the maritime industry. Over the last two decades, we have come to be recognized as a consistently reliable and effective partner for our clients, thanks to our service-oriented business philosophy.

Our strength is in specialized products including vegetable oils, petrochemicals and clean petroleum products. On top of full-range domestic and international freight brokerage, we create value for our clients by leveraging our industry knowledge. Our knowledge-based foresight has enabled us to identify, analyze, and capitalize on market opportunities—much to our clients’ advantage.

Our brand has spanned international waters, covering Asia, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.


To be a reliable shipbroker house, providing our clients a principled shipbroking partnership and a remarkable foresight, skilled and knowledgeable in deliverance.


To go the distance with a promising partnership nationally and internationally steered by honor and trustworthiness.  We aim to achieve global recognition and reach out to all charterers & vessel owners as their No. 1 shipbroker and brokerage partner.



Over the years, our consistency has led to strong industry connections. This network ensures we have the right resources in place, making us a reliable player in this complex industry.

With our strong and long standing relationships with ship owners and charterers, we deliver solutions and services in the best way possible. At KLM, we stay true to our core values and stand behind our promised quality, professional and comprehensive service to our customers in a consistent, reliable and integral manner.



Disciplined is the soul of our thoughts. Every small numbers are made formidable, every weakness is strengthen and procured.


Bringing all expertise together was the beginning, progressing and developing as one made our success.


Adhere to company business ethics diligently and constantly with effort to acquire and widen knowledge.


Our lips embraced the truth and words are back by facts. Statistics are carefully considered to share its accuracy, and so we found friendships and loyalty.


Above all, we pride ourselves on:

  • Staying reliable, consistent and remarkably efficient
  • Having a keen desire in meeting customers’ needs amidst global challenges
  • Executing big-picture solutions with extensive industry knowledge
  • Maintaining a solid network with ship owners, charterers and associates
  • Carrying out business with integrity, transparency and reliability

Ultimately, everything we do for our clients is catered to:

  • Building a strategic link to our customers’ supply chain
  • Providing a comprehensive service via an extensive network, broad market coverage, reliable information and timely consultation.